What the?

8 03 2012

Yes, it’s a US$5 million watch covered in diamonds.

Oooh … just what I need!!

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It took 17 people 14 months to set the more than 140 carats of diamonds on the watch’s white gold bracelet…
Jean-Claude Biver, president of Hublot, which is owned by LVMH, said it would be difficult to make a more expensive watch “because the surface of the watch is limited“. [news story]

I’m pretty sure it won’t actually remain the most expensive watch for too long – there must be other materials that are more valuable per square millimeter than white diamonds … how about covered in yellow or pink diamonds, flawless rubies or emeralds, dematoid garnets or Alexandrite [link].

Thinking beyond gemstones, a watch of antimatter [link, link] – oh, I like that idea, but pretty sure it’s not even possible… “The problem with anti-matter isn’t just that it costs so much to produce it–positrons are a by-product of beta plus decay–but that it is very difficult to confine it and combine into any useful substance or quantity for any duration of time before it interacts with its complementary normal particle and disappears in a shower of photons. [link]” Right, so it’d likely disappear before you could tell the time … bummer.



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