Blog roundup

1 03 2012

Quick trip around the interwebs:

  • remember tomorrow (Friday 2nd March) is the official launch of Northcity4 – hoorah!
  • Katherine Bowman has made beautiful prints for the launch [link]
  • Katherine Wheeler is also making lovely works on paper [link]
  • David Neale is working with native gold, gorgeous [link]
  • Lucy Hearn’s blog always makes me smile [link]
  • Anna Davern is writing for the e.g.etal blog [link1, link2]
  • all seems quiet on the Pieces of Eight blog though? [link]
  • in non-jewellery blogs, I came across Smallest Forest, an embroidery-based artists blog [link]
  • Lord Coconut has some work made from bronze-infused stainless steel – really! [link]
  • Holly Wilcox shares thoughts on how to emerge from a block [link]
  • Inari Kiuru’s photographs of the beach are breathtaking [link]
  • a chocolate diamond piece by Kim Victoria Wearn [link]
  • if you’re sad like me that you can’t get to Sydney to see Melissa Cameron’s solo exhibition, check out some of her beautiful pieces on her blog [link]
  • and speaking of Studio 20/17, they have been made part of history [link]; from their facebook page: “The National Gallery of Australia’s Research Library has archived our website for researchers now and into the future – We’re now a part of art history! check out The National Library will retain the website in the Archive and provide public access to it in perpetuity. It will also undertake any preservation action to keep our publications accessible as technology changes over time….yay to Librarians!

Also I wonder if you’ve had the same experience as me lately – I’ve been trying to leave comments on blogspot blogs (like Katherine’s and David’s) but the comment verification has been failing constantly, so I’ve not been able to … anyone else finding this?



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