‘Close to Hand’ @ RMIT School of Art Gallery ; part 2

20 02 2012

This exhibition was actually at RMIT gallery in August 2011 … but as I mentioned at the time, I had taken photographs with my mobile phone camera and hadn’t figured out how to download them. I’m not so awesome with the new fangled technologies.

I am proud to say that I’ve managed to figure it out (yes, all by myself).

While it is very belated, and with my apologies to the artists involved (as I’d like to have had these images accompany the original post), I present images from ‘Close to Hand‘.

Participating artists (alphabetically):

  • Sun-Woong Bang, jewellery [site] – from her ‘Transit‘ series
  • Jacqui Chan, jewellery [site] – from her ‘Urban Metabolism‘ series (her site has photos of the 8 pieces in the exhibition)

    Jacqui Chan; photograph taken with permission

  • Andrei Davidoff, ceramic [site] – large-scale ‘Maquetts for a 2D Monument‘ (image on the home page of his site)

    Andrew Davidoff; photograph taken with permission

  • Jan Donaldson, jewellery – from her ‘Precious Summer‘ series
  • Mary Hackett, metalsmith [site; blog] – ‘Breach‘ an amazing landscape of smithed objects
  • Robyn Hosking – the ceramic pieces in the exhibition media

    photograph taken with permission

  • Naoko Inuzuka [site] – beautiful brooches ‘Saturation‘ and ‘Airplane Window‘ (two brooches) (the home page of her site has an image of the former)

    Naoko Inuzuka; photograph taken with permission

  • Tassia Joannides – black neckpieces from recycled bicycle inner tubes

    Tassia Joannides; photograph taken with permission

  • Nicole Polentas [artist profile] – an AMAZING installation, a brooch ‘Epilogue: The Orders of Xalepa‘; over which photographs are projected (‘Signs of Resistance‘), the photographs are of the brooch in-situ in what looks to be broken parts of a Greek city; touching and wonderful to watch

    Nicole Polentas; photograph taken with permission

  • Leah Teschendorff – quite lovely stark sculptural objects
  • Renee Ugazio [site] – an installation ‘bench pegged‘ (it made me smile!)

    Renee Ugazio; photograph taken with permission

Close to Hand‘ was at RMIT School of Art Gallery until 1st September 2011.



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