Jeweller hunting

19 02 2012

One of my favourite jewellery ladies, the marvellous Zoe Brand, is a-hunting jewellers.

From her blog: “I’m jeweller hunting, send me an e-mail with your website/blog address and your contact details, I like to be kept informed, and I’ve always got a need to know some fantastic jewellers (you know curating shows etc). Don’t be shy drop me a line – – feel free to spread the word. The more the merrier!

And from her facebook: “I’m hunting down jewellers, drop me an e-mail with your website/blog and contact details – – you never know, something or nothing might come of it. Either way you have nothing to lose right?!

Intriguing … I don’t know what it’s all about … so mysterious … am looking forward to seeing what comes of it!



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