Calendar: March 2012 sneak peek

15 02 2012

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Updates for February 2012

4th February: Linden Postcard Show 2012 [link]; until 17th March

7th February: Dark Horse Experiment ‘Dark Horse Choice‘ [link]; until 25th February

exhibition media; click on image for original source

18th February: opening of The Moonah Collection, The Laundry Collection [link]

exhibition media

25th February: Part B Melbourne jewellers gathering, at “Joyaviva: Live Jewellery from across the Pacific“, RMIT Gallery, at 2pm [link]

28th February: Studio 20/17, Melissa Cameron ‘In Geometry I Trust‘ [link]; until 17th March

exhibition media

now for March 2012

all month

  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2012
  • Renaissance‘, National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) [link]; until 9th April 2012 (see my first and second review post)
  • NGV ‘Time Catcher‘ [link]; until November 2012

2nd March: Launch of Northcity 4 [link]; see my recent post

launch media; with permission

2nd March: Bilk Gallery (Canberra), ‘Embark‘ [link]

exhibition media

3rd March: last day for Gallery Funaki, Doris Betz ‘moments like this‘ [link]; “Making my jewellery feels like having a mystery-flight-ticket in the pocket, not knowing where one will end up. But at the same time I do have an aim. In the end there should be a damned good piece of jewellery. I always try to invent processes I cannot control, I try to make things happen, I’m spontaneous and attentive, I follow my instinct and also my experience. This process of not knowing, not wanting, just playing, staying free, being without intention, casual…and suddenly getting excited…and then recognizing the point when one has to take control again, is a balancing act.

4th March: last day for entry to Brunswick Street Gallery $10000 works on paper prize and exhibition [link]

8th March: Craft Victoria, Nicholas Bastin ‘The Sleepless Hero‘ [link]; “Nicholas Bastin draws together a collection of jewellery objects in an exhibition titled The Sleepless Hero. The objects appear to be the remnant accessories of new super-real characters.“; until 21st April

exhibition media; click on image for original source

17th March: Craft Victoria ‘Hatch’ market [link]

24th March: last day for  RMIT Gallery ‘Joyaviva – Live jewellery from across the Pacific‘ [link] 6-8pm

please tell me of other exhibitions or events … there has to be more happening in March!

plan ahead for [see also]:

1st June 2012: last day for application to New Traditional Jewellery 2012 award [link]

… last calendar post: Calendar: February 2012



4 responses

15 02 2012

Hi Karen,
March 3rd is the official opening of my exhibition ‘In Geometry I Trust’ at Studio 20/17 in Sydney. There will be a floor talk just before the opening, which is from 4-6pm. The show starts Tues the 28th of Feb and runs for 3 week. Invite soon. xx m

20 02 2012

Melissa – I LOVE your new work … the exhibition media photographs look absolutely amazing … wish I could make it to Sydney to see it.
Are you planning on showing it in Melbourne?

20 02 2012

Karen, thanks so much, that means a lot coming from you, especially since you’re one of the few people to see my first solo at Monash. At this stage I won’t be showing it in Melbourne – some of this work will go straight on to Arizona for the Heat Exchange show, though hopefully some will end up in a Melbourne jewellery gallery.

15 02 2012

How exciting Melissa! Thank you … I look forward to seeing the images!

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