‘Once you were mine’ @ e.g.etal

3 02 2012

Jewellery gallery e.g.etal have created an innovative event you need to know about: “Once You Were Mine“.

event media; click on image for original source

Event media: “We recently commissioned seven artists to each make a piece of jewellery. Their brief was simple: take an item once belonging to an e.g.etal staff member and recycle and re-imagine it. These items—forgotten pieces of jewellery or objects—came with their own story, were given a new one by each artist and now they wait for their new owners. We’ll be handing these pieces onto seven people via our Facebook page.

To be in with a chance, become a fan of e.g.etal on Facebook and like the Once You Were Mine photo gallery. On Friday 17 February we’ll randomly select seven people who will, one-by-one, choose which unique piece of jewellery they will own.

If you don’t have Facebook, we forgive you. Feel free to email info@egetal.com.au with the subject line ‘Once You Were Mine’ instead.

I’m speechless! Wow!

Participating artist are (by alphabetic order):

  • Caitlin Boyce
  • Julia Deville
  • Yuko Fujita
  • William Llewellyn Griffiths
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Romy Mittelman
  • Jessica Morrison

The e.g.etal post shares information on each original piece and on the reinvented work.

I just bursting with how much I love this concept!



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