In the press

30 01 2012

I noticed an article in on-line The Age today titled: “‘Secret’ engagement rings, the opposite of bling” [link].

The journalist writes about the secret details of jewellery, known only to the wearer: “Ostentatious displays of wealth are giving way to subtle – even secret – details in jewellery.” “While some jewellers decorate the undersides of brooches and pendants, secret details are most popular in engagement rings and wedding bands.”

There are some lovely contributions by Gianna Rosa (from e.g.etal), Katherine Bowman, David Parker and Cinnamon Lee.

Mmm … sounds familiar … this particular aspect has been one I’ve written about quite a number of times (most especially on 25th May 2009), as I very much like the intimacy and secrecy of a detail only known to the wearer …

It’s good to see aspects of jewellery being discussed in mainstream media.



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