Blog roundup

26 01 2012

A little stroll around the interwebs …

  • Part B, Melbourne Jewellery gathering, has their ‘ManJewellery’ work exhibiting online on CraftHaus [link]
  • also on CraftHaus, I found a post seeking applications for an online exhibition of ‘Behind the Brooch’ [link] – I’ve often enjoyed the back of jewellery [see previous post] – deadline for application 1st August 2012
  • I like the little container Elise Sheehan has made [link]
  • Emma Grace is looking for ‘fixers’ for the Sustainability Living Festival (Melbourne) [link]
  • through Jessica Morrison’s blog [link] I’ve found out about Schtick – I shall visit!
  • striking new work from Katherine Bowman [link]
  • Katie Jayne’s brooch back is too lovely to be hidden [link]
  • Kim Victoria Warne shares some images of great new work [link]
  • Lucy Hearn is exploring some new directions [link] – I like!
  • through Mel Miller’s blog I’ve found an exhibition in Adelaide I hadn’t previously noticed but looks too good to miss [link]
  • I continue to love reading Peaches + Keen blog [link]
  • Zoe Brand will be moving on from Gaffa shortly … sad, but good too, in the right kind of way [link]

Happy reading.



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