Calendar: February 2012 sneak peek

15 01 2012

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update for January 2012 

12th January: Craft Vic, window, GoldenInk [link]; “Katherine Wheeler works in an organic and spontaneous fashion; she is fascinated by the correlation between object and memory. Abby Seymour approaches her work in a more planned manner, and her focus on decoration is inspired by portraiture and adornment. Together, through Golden Ink, the pair have committed themselves to creating finely-detailed, one-off pieces, and already we are seeing that their work is becoming widely sought after.“; until 29th February

18th January: Studio 20/17, Julia Middleton ‘Adaptations of Objet Trouve‘ [link]; “Indelibly sculptural, Middleton’s pieces are crafted from her direct environment. The NSW bush offers up a multitude of organics to be fused with metals and abandoned industrial miscellania. The pieces represent the marriage of installation art, found art, appropriation art and of course…contemporary jewellery.; until 4th February

20th January: opening night for Lord Coconut, ‘BEARS, BOOMERANGS, BATHERS & BOOZE – KITSCH AUSTRALIANA‘ [link]; “Mulga wood ashtrays, shell houses, souvenir spoons, tea towels or a southern cross tattoo. We all have (or had) a secret collection of these fabulous, or not so fabulous, souvenirs of our travels throughout Australia. Lord Coconut is celebrating Australia Day 2012 with his own take on Kitsch Australiana with this exhibition. Local jewellers, designers and artisans were challenged to create jewellery or a display piece which represents their own view of kitsch Australiana.“; until 11th February

exhibition media

21st / 22nd January: Yarragon Annual Gem show (holds a special little place in my heart! see my post from a few years ago) [link]

26th January: NGV, Time Catcher [link]; until November 2012

28th January: Part B, Melbourne jewellers gathering; 2pm at Lord Coconut to see the above exhibition [link]

30th January: last day for application to Craft Vic Hatch Markets for March 2012 [link]

now for February 2012

all month

  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2012
  • Renaissance‘, National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) [link]; until 9th April 2012

5th February: last day for ‘Kaleidoscope: Art & Colour‘, NGV [link]

7th February: Studio 20/17, new work by Anna Davern [link]; “Gold and Steel are materials that are intrinsically tied to stories of our culture and how we define ourselves. Our cultural myths abound with references to gold and steel: Our egalitarian heritage that can be tied back to the Gold Rush and it’s opportunities for all, and the steel of Ned Kelly’s armour which represents our distrust of authority. The landscape from which these materials originate, is a defining element of our identity, from the iron-oxide red of the centre to the golden sands of its edges.“; artist talk on 18th February; until 21st February

10 – 13 February 2012: JEMPOSIUM: Jewellery or What; International Jewellery Symposium; Wellington, New Zealand [link]

please tell me of other exhibitions or events … there has to be more happening in February!

Melissa Cameron has some more events and deadlines to note – see her post (I won’t repeat them here, as I didn’t know about them until I read her blog!)

plan ahead for [see also]:

1st June 2012: last day for application to New Traditional Jewellery 2012 award [link]

… last calendar post: Calendar: January 2012 sneak peek



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