Interwebs reading habits

28 12 2011

I thought it’d be funny to see what my interwebs reading habits are like. I use Firefox and it holds memory of the regularly used sites and pre-empts as I type …  if I type in a single letter, these are the sites suggested (of those most recently visited) …

A : Animals talking in all caps & ABC news

B : Bureau of Meteorology & BBC news

D : Dictionary (I like to spell stuff)

E : e.g.etal

F : (almost embarrassed) Facebook

G : Google mail (of course!) & The Goldensmith (David Neale) & Grandfathers Axe (I kind of stalk this site!)

H : Hotmail (yes, lots of emailling!)

K : Katherine Wheeler & Katherine Bowman & Katie Jayne Britchford

L : Lucy Hearn

M : my blog Melbourne Jeweller & Maker Wearer Viewer (Zoe Brand)

P : Pieces of Eight & Peaches + Keen

Q : Qantas (I like flying places)
: Readings (I like books)

S : Stuff my Girlfriend Says (it’s a little bit naughty sometimes)

T : The Age (I like the news)

U : unhappyhipsters

V : Vetti Live in Northcote

Of course, I still regularly read the blogs and sites on my Links Page … but not as often as I look at the above ones it seems.

That’s all for now.



2 responses

28 12 2011

hello! liking your melbourne jeweller’s alphabet – thank you for the link! espresso martinis coming your way soon 🙂

2 01 2012

woop woop.

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