There’s more to see!

5 12 2011

I had better get over my art fatigue quick smart! There is still a lot to see.

  • RMIT Master of Fine Art exhibition [link]; until 8th December
    Update (7th December): see my review post

    exhibition media

  • 8th December: RMIT New Collectables 2011 Auction [link]
    Update (8th December): see my story
  • Lord Coconut ‘The Charles T Fairthorne Travelling Collection of Natural History Curiosities‘ [link]; until 10th December
  • Craft Victoria ‘Fresh!‘ graduate exhibition [link]; until 23rd December

    exhibition media

  • Hand Held Gallery, Suse Scholem ‘Abject Object‘ [link]; until 24th December

    exhibition media

Have I missed any??



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