News: e.g.etal online store

5 12 2011

In another exciting move for contemporary jewellery retail, e.g.etal has launched their online store. This is so exciting!

launch media

Launch media (from newsletter): “New online store…

13 years ago e.g.etal opened its doors to Melbourne. In this time we’ve passed on beautiful jewellery to people from this city and people from all over this country and the world. It’s with excitement that we reveal our new website and online store ; an extension of e.g.etal for those we’ve met, and for those we are yet to meet, in this city and beyond.

Pieces, from left to right: Sea neckpiece by Katheryn Leopoldseder ; Wooden earrings by Yuko Fujita ; Poppy ring by Janet Watts ; Earrings by Jill Hermans

Perhaps it is time I considered an online gallery segment for my links page…

The shift of our contemporary jewellery galleries to align with what seems to be the new retail paradigm is brilliant and can only be a sensational move for artists too.



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