Not much jewellery making

22 11 2011

I haven’t been making jewellery or metalwork lately.

In fact, none since the work I sent to Studio 20/17 for their ‘Winter Neckpieces‘ exhibition (my review post).

I still have a studio.
I still have my awesome red tool box.
And my new bench.
They are nicely collecting dust.

I still share a studio with my beautiful wonderful lovely studio-buddies … they still go; I haven’t for months.

It makes me a little sad. I’ve been making with textiles lately, but I can feel the urge to make something more substantial … with metal … or perspex … with the skills I’ve learned … it’s a little uncomfortable though, I don’t really know where to start … though maybe I do …

Confusing … though as I’ve often said, you can’t force the muse … but it’s not so easy to know what to do when you can feel it approaching but it’s not ready to speak to you yet.



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