Peaches + Keen Exhibition @ Dagmar Rousset

12 11 2011

Such a fabulous manner in which to spend a beautiful Friday late afternoon – at an exhibition opening for and with gorgeous friends!

Lucy Hearn (also see artist profile) and Lily Daley are Peaches + Keen (see my review of their previous exhibition); their latest exhibition is at Dagmar Rousset (Gertrude Street, Fitzroy).

photograph with permission

A significant part of the exhibition is in the window – which makes for wonderful walking past, though not so wonderful photographs in the late afternoon due to reflections.

In this exhibition the ladies concentrate mostly on hanging plants and continue their employment of gorgeously bright and cheery colours. I do love the crocheted plant holders and the scale is just lovely.

photograph taken with permission

There is also a small number of stunning two-dimensional works – black and white plant highlighted with bright colour collage or thread. The one second from the right above is particularly effective.

And yes, there were lollies at the opening – I do have a soft spot for lolly bananas.

photograph with permission

The above little plant was my favourite. You can see that each little plant had a Lucy pin planted in the soil, too cute. And that’s Lucy in the background of this image.

Dagmar Rousset is an outrageously colourful store and it lightens the heart to see such playfulness and joy.

photograph with permission; at the opening

Lucy has some super images on her blog too.

I’m not actually sure how long the exhibition will be up for … so saunter by at your earliest convenience and share the colourful love.



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