Good crafty times

9 11 2011

It seems my making urge has been channeling towards textile craftiness recently, not so much jewellery or object making has been happening for me (the muse is on holidays I think).

Last weekend I was ready for making. It pleases me to say that making has been happening.

First: the yarn-bombing (I prefer the term yarn-storm, though you’d only say mine was a little yarn-shower?). I’m happy to report that it is still there, though I did need to administer repairs on Saturday – after much consideration of whether that was ‘interfering’ or whether I should just let the piece evolve… but I eventually decided to mend it, so it would safely stay up and not potentially start to fall off and become a nuisance.

Second: much blanket-stitching around the hem of the smaller fabric pieces, which are to be used as drawer liners.

Third: more blanket-stitching, below.

step 1: assemble the fabric and thread

step 2: blanket stitching around hem finished (taken with flash, so colour a little distorted)

Step 3 will be to embroider willy-nilly (yes!) and randomly all over the cloth … this will be my cheery tablecloth for summer.
Hoorah for good crafty times.



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12 12 2011
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