Pieces of Eight: Edition X

7 11 2011

A caveat up front: I have no financial connection to Pieces of Eight (other than buying pieces from them!) and this isn’t an advertisement …. but I think it’s a fantastic initiative that should be mentioned here (of all places!).

Pieces of Eight Gallery have launched an online retail space: Edition X.

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Launch media (from here):
Edition X is unique, bringing you completely exclusive commissioned works from a variety of artists and makers from around the globe with all collections made in very limited set editions.

With a showroom in North Fitzroy, the former home of Pieces of Eight Gallery, and an online store open 24/7, we’re always ready to share our evolving collections with you. The best thing about Edition X is our focus on presenting the ‘affordable collectable’. It’s the place to scope out very special pieces that simply aren’t available anywhere else, all without breaking the bank!

I mentioned this in my previous ‘Melbourne jewellers and galleries’ series of posts recently. In the above text you’ll notice the ‘exclusivity’ mention, which I do understand to be in relation to the “affordable collectable” limited-edition collections – that is, artists are still free to stock other collections elsewhere.

The site is good – I especially like the artist page. The graphic design is very strong too.

The former gallery space in North Fitzroy is the physical accompaniment to the online store – a good idea to have an in-person place to go.

It’s my understanding is that the physical space was actually originally planned to be near the formal Pieces of Eight Gallery in Russell Place in the city. Further, I understand that artists made their initial decision to commit to the project on this basis … so the change of location would likely have been quite disappointing for those hoping their work would have inner-city walk-by exposure and the strength of the main gallery presence too (which the St Georges Rd location certainly doesn’t have).
(14th November): this is incorrect; please refer to my correction and apology post.

I think it’s absolutely fabulous that there is a gallery willing to explore this new retail reality … more people are expecting to shop online than ever before, and that’s unlikely to change.  Without disrespect to any other of our gorgeous Melbourne jewellery galleries, it is of no surprise to me that Pieces of Eight would be the first to engage in this way … their approach to their blog and innovative exhibition design (with accompanying artworks – sound, film and installation) has demonstrated a committment to exploring the possibilities.

A couple of bloggers have written already about their work for Edition X:

I hope it goes well!
I wonder whether other galleries will look to make a similar move??



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7 11 2011

So, this looks totally gorgeous, and is sauntering distance from my house…I’m happy!

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