1 11 2011

Old-fashioned craft is cool again. Knitting, crochet, macrame (yes, I’m serious) and all manner of hand-making with fabric and stitching.

This pleases me. I was taught by my Grandma to do all these crafts at a very early age. My first memory of knitting was when I was around 4 years old and I made a neon pink ‘scarf’ for my Barbie. I especially remember realising I’d dropped a stitch, but happily Grandma fixed it. Ah, the memories.

A kind of public craft activism getting around is ‘yarn-bombing‘.

local example

The above is a modest local example of it.
The below image is sourced from Wiki and is absolutely magnificent!

click on image for original source

The thing is that I think it is technically illegal, but I guess plastering stickers on public property is too (and so is driving over the speed limit, and so many people seem to do that without repercussions (yes, that makes me mad)).

The good thing is that a yarn-bomb, or yarn-storm, is entirely removable and doesn’t damage any property. I quite like seeing it in public spaces; though don’t think it’s right to yarn-bomb private property of course.

What do you think of it? Have you seen any lately?



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9 11 2011
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9 11 2011
Spencer Diamond

Great job!
yarn bombing is a great way to express yourself and color this drab world.

26 02 2012
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1 11 2012
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