Why? Really.

28 10 2011

In another case of ‘what the?‘ and what seems like an extravagant waste of precious metal … the news tells me that apparently the Perth Mint has created a 99.99% pure gold coin that weighs over a tonne and is worth over A$50m.

media image; click on image for original news source

Erm … why?

And tell me, that wasn’t paid for by tax-payers money was it?



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30 10 2011
Mark Holsworth

It doesn’t appear that taxpayers money was used – the Perth Mint is a private corporation. It does appear that the ugly artifact was created in a penis measuring contest with a Canadian mint that had previously produced a very big coin. It also shows an incredible lack of moral and political taste at a time like this to suggest that anyone has $50m to spend on a coin.

30 10 2011

How revolting is it?!!! I can’t believe anyone would want to waste so much gold on such a hideously ugly thing!
I knew you’d love it karen!

30 10 2011

Hideous indeed!
I love Mark’s description of it being a penis-measuring competition.
It’s not like the Perth Mint is a company that needs to market itself; surely there aren’t very many ‘customers’ looking for a coin mint (right??).
So the need to do this can only be to show-off … and in my opinion, to waste. Sad.
I wonder how long it will stay as a ‘coin’ … perhaps it will be melted down at some point…

30 10 2011

… and $50m …
maybe Qantas would like it so they can give some of their staff a pay-rise ….
oooh, don’t stray into the political Karen, noooooo……..

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