Homage: The Same Five Questions

24 10 2011

The lovely Zoe Brand first pointed me to this site: The Same Five Questions.

I enjoy thinking about the questions myself as much as reading the responses of others. So, in a move that hopefully is okay with the original author (and I’m fairly certain of very little interest to him!), I would like to offer my reply to the same five questions, basically for my own musings:


One. Which of the seven deadliest sins make for the best art?

I had to remind myself of the seven sins: lust, gluttony, greed / avarice, sloth / acedia, wrath, envy, pride / vainglory.

Perhaps Freud would applaud those who can sublimate lust into directed energy and then into art … it seems to me to be the most energising of the sins.

“Best art” though is relative – none of these make me create my best art. For making art I want to view, listen to, experience … lust is my answer today.

Two. For what are you going to need a little more evidence?

That a benevolent god exists and answers prayers.
That those with power can be anything but corrupt.
That we are not alone in the universe (it’s logical, but I’d like to know for sure).
Quantum mechanics.
That when you look at something we both call red, are you really seeing the same colour as me.

Three. For personal creativity (or productivity), are you better served by contentment or restlessness?

To be contrary I’ll say “contented restlessness” … the kind of confidence and calm enjoyment of the process combined with an happy impetus to keep exploring.
Restlessness never feels good to me, it’s fractured and creates nothing but tension.
Contentment only makes me want to sleep in the sunshine.

Four. Likeliest occurrence within your lifetime: true peace, total war, or the arrival of spacemen/spacewomen?

None seem that likely to me … but I’ll go with total war as the most likely. Sad isn’t it.

Five. Select/discuss any one of the following options.
Five-a: You lost it as a child and you want it back.

Innocence and joyful immersion in the moment. All children still have it, and only some adults retain it. I can only find mine in the rarest of moments… I’ve lost ready access to it and I’d like to know how to make it happen upon my beckoning.

Five-b: You are concerned about your food and its origins.
Five-c: These are your generation’s greatest successes.
Five-d: For you, this is the book, play, recording, painting, poem, scripture or (item X) that made all the difference.
Five-e: Do you have a question for me? (What is it?)




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