My jewellery collection #24

19 10 2011

It’s no secret I have a jewellery-crush on David Neale‘s work … I’ve been unashamed and rather brazen about it.

I’ve been skirting around it for a while now, and following his recent ‘close’ post I finally succumbed to the inevitable – I now own a beautiful piece of David Neale Aster jewellery.

the package

Oh be still my beating heart!!

with flash ... so delicious!

without flash, at night, in my house ... weird ambient colour?

I may have squealed and danced about the house a bit when I opened my parcel …. maybe …

It’s a most magnificent 40mm sterling silver Aster pendent.

Now my task is to find a suitable and worthy chain. In the meantime though, with apologies to David(!), I really really want to wear it so it may actually be first seen on a not-so-ideal chain I already own.

So excited!

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