My favourite book

16 10 2011

It’s a big call … I’m not sure I’m quite ready to make it … but let’s just say I was FORCED to choose my favourite book from my collection, this would be it.

my favourite book

Colour – Travels through the Paintbox‘ by Victoria Finlay.

You can see by the state of the tome that it has been well-read and much-borrowed. I and my friends are all very careful with books – so the wear isn’t out of disrespect but out of love.

There are so many reasons for my love for this book: the content of course, but also the memories of when I bought it (by ‘accident’ on the first day of a week-long holiday in the north of Scotland) and of when I was reading it.

It is the perfect holiday book. Every artist, especially those interested in the history of colour, would get something from reading it.



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16 10 2011

I was so pleased you lent it to me – perfect for my trip to the desert. Now looking for my own copy…Thank you for sharing such a fascinating and thought-provoking book!

16 10 2011

My pleasure! It brings me joy to share the love of this book.

16 10 2011

Ok I’m convinced…Now on my xmas wishlist!

6 01 2012

Hi – thanks for the recommendation of Colour on your blog. I’m delighted. Happy New Year.

9 01 2012

Hi Victoria
What a pleasure to see your comment!
I’m so pleased you’ve seen first hand how much your book is loved.
Best wishes

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