Opal abuse?

10 10 2011

My lovely friend was recently travelling through the inland wilds of Australia and sent me this after her travels …

Alice Springs; picture credit: VettiliveinNorthcote

The EVIL of it ALL!!!!!

Pandora is an abomination (well, in my own personal opinion!).

What a travesty and appalling use of our national stone … oh actually, is it Australia’s national stone? I would have thought if any gem was so bestowed this honour, an opal would be it.

And so to the interwebs to investigate… woo-hoo, my intuition was spot on [see here]!

National Floral Emblem: golden wattle.
National Gemstone: opal.

What else could we make a ‘National Emblem’ thingy??
National Roofing: corrugated iron/tin
National Footwear: ‘fong (in the colloquial pronunciation of course)
aahhh … stop … it hurts …



2 responses

27 10 2011

I think there’s a fundable project in the development of contemporary opal jewellery. I also think there’s a fundable project in the annihilation of Pandora in all it’s forms.

27 10 2011

Anna – I LOVE it!
Shall we include Troll Beads in the annihilation plans?? Yes, I think so.

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