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7 10 2011

While I’ve been creating my jeweller maker’s mark page, I’ve realised that almost all of them (of those who have told me) have had theirs made by Ivan at I.T. Hallmarking in Tempelstowe. See the comments on my post from early last year too.

So I’ve been thinking… I understand Ivan is a mature man … what happens when he decides it’s time to retire? Are there any other makers mark makers in Australia?

This is the same question I asked about Bob Thomas the famous metal spinner when I wrote about him last year.  In fact, to quote from that post: “The other matter this exercise brought to my attention was that Bob is likely to retire within a few years, though there are no obvious successor in Melbourne. Many of those skills practiced by single-practioner individuals, often in a workshop in their backyard, who are nearing their retirement are in danger of dying out. Where will these skills go? Do you know any other spinners? Another example a friend mentioned was the man who makes jewellers hallmarks (I don’t remember his name) – when he retires who will take over that work in Melbourne?

I still have the question!

Do you know another spinner in Australia?
Do you know another hallmark / makers mark maker in Australia?
Answer me please!!
Seriously – what do we do when they stop making??



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10 10 2011

I had my maker’s mark made by Lonnie’s, Inc. in the US. They’re a small business jewellery supplier (who I used to work for in my student days!), who I still order things from now and then because I know them, even though they’re not at all my “local” anymore. It doesn’t answer your question about who else is filling this niche in Australia, though…

The loss of traditional skills like this is a serious issue. In a recent (July 2011) Craft Australia article about Blanche Tilden’s Australia Council Award and Medal commission, she mentions a hand-engraver in Melbourne approaching retirement but unable to find an apprentice to learn the trade because “everything is done with computers now.” As we learn new skills in digital making, can we still hold onto the old traditional hand skills?

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