5 10 2011

I’ve signed up for the “How to make a Rip-Snorter” (David Bielander) workshop at RMIT at the end of the month.

Strange really – I’m not usually one for workshops. I don’t think, or create, well at all in a ‘group’ environment – my energy is often elsewhere-directed when surrounded by lots of people. Workshops actually usually stifle my creativity.

However I’ve been a bit stuck with my making lately, and I’ve always admired makers who can retain the joy and spontaneity in their making … so the brief for the workshop seemed perfect for me.

Workshop description:
What makes a good jewellery piece?
Why do you want to turn your brainchild into jewellery?
Why do you want people to wear your piece?
When do we think, when do we make?
How authentic is your work?
This is a workshop about mastering the process between the spark of an idea to a convincing piece, without losing the fun, flow, the lightness and spontaneity on the path. The source of the spark will be the departure point of the investigation.

It is also super in that while it’s a five-day workshop I only need to take two days off work, as it’s being run Friday-Tuesday over a weekend and the Melbourne Cup Tuesday public holiday. How great is that!

workshop media; click on image for original source

I wonder what will come of it.
I wonder what my experience will be.
I’m willing to risk it, experiment and see.

Update (24th October): unfortunately I’m no longer going to this workshop … had a bit of an over-scheduling issue and something had to give … you know how it can happen …



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30 10 2011
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