‘Lost and Found’ @ RMIT First Site Gallery

3 10 2011

As my lovely friend Vetti (vettiliveinnorthcote) wrote on my ‘Wondernamel‘ review post, the other exhibition at RMIT First Site Gallery is absolutely beautiful.

I had hesitated writing a post about it, solely due to my images being fuzzy (low lighting). However the work of Ria Green and Clare Humphries in ‘Lost and Found‘ is exquisite and deserves attention.


Exhibition media: “In Lost and Found artists Ria Green and Clare Humphries explore the echoes of time that resonate through personal objects. Through hand-burnished prints and fragmented plaster casts the exhibition explores the way in which everyday belongings can oscillate between absence and presence, now and then, here and there. The works focus on collected and inherited possessions that, whilst connecting us to past events and people, also remind us of what is beyond our reach.


Happily the image above of Clare Humphries’ print was pretty clear. Her images were all on black with the object emerging – beautiful and almost solemn and nostalgic. Clare’s site has more images of her work.

Sadly the top image doesn’t give anywhere enough justice to the installation pieces by Ria Green. There are boxes and old suitcases full-to-overflowing of fragile cast porcelain objects – each box with multiple copies of the same object, some broken and faulty, together with whole ones. It genuinely spoke to me and made me sad actually. It evoked feelings of melancholy memories of the past, hoarding them and living in the past for the bloom has gone from the present. The uncoloured ceramic reinforces the ghostly feel.

I loved this exhibition; the two artists work seems to have a wonderful resonance with each other.

Lost and Found‘ was at RMIT First Site Gallery until 1st October 2011 (sorry that I didn’t write this post until after the closing date).



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