What the?!

21 09 2011

Saw this rubbish in the news….

media image; click on image for original source

What a WASTE of gold and preciousness (and money!) – “80 kilograms of 22 carat gold, 15 kilos of silver, and hundreds of gems and precious stones” to be precise.



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22 09 2011

I’m…speechless. And a little nauseous.

22 09 2011

yes … that’s the correct response!

22 09 2011
Mark Holsworth

Who buys this stuff? But it is probably cheap marketing – I’m sure that the gold and precious stones won’t be wasted – I’m sure that they won’t remain attached to the car for very long. I’m also sure that the marketing firm that came up with the concept would claim that it was “ironic” because it is a very cheap car.

15 10 2011

I think it’s pretty cool! Love the juxtaposition of trad skills onto cheap car. Fascinating reflection of the culture that has produced it.

28 10 2011
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