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18 09 2011


I’m hoping to build up my Makers Mark page into a fabulous resource for makers and collectors alike. But to do that I need your help!

Some friendly makers have actually let me know that they don’t currently have a makers mark. That’s interesting – it’s not compulsory in Australia, so I wonder if it’s actually more common for makers not to have one??

I don’t have one, but that’s because I don’t make commercially yet, nor have even had pieces for sale in exhibitions to date (hopefully that will change in the future of course!).

If you’re a maker but you don’t have a mark, I’m interested in that too! So please comment and let’s share why not all makers have one?

If you’re a maker and do have one, please do send me your mark and if there’s a story behind it.

I’d appreciate it SO much.

Much jewellery-making-love



2 responses

25 09 2011
Claire O'Halloran

Hi Karen – I don’t have a makers mark yet. I think I’d like one, but haven’t come up with a design.

1 11 2011

I also want to have a makers mark one day but as Im still a student I dont thinks its urgent yet (though pointing out the guy that does most of them is retiring soonish has panicked me a little!)

Im not sure if me typing in a web address will link it here or not but The Gold and Silversmiths Gild of Australia have a fantastic directory of makers marks of jewellers associated with them….

Love looking at every ones designs. Will be hard thinking one up I imagine.

Karen L

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