It’s raining gold

10 09 2011

Yes, yes, we all know I’m a bit of a science nerd … and while reading the science pages of the online news recently (yes, yes I do do that) I found a story that proposes that a “massive meteor bombardment 3.9 billion years ago provided most of the gold and other precious metals found near the Earth’s surface“.

How cool is that! Meteors rained down the gold!

From the original study:
Many precious, ‘iron-loving’ metals, such as gold, are surprisingly abundant in the accessible parts of the Earth, given the efficiency with which core formation should have removed them to the planet’s deep interior. One explanation of their over-abundance is a ‘late veneer’—a flux of meteorites added to the Earth after core formation as a ‘terminal’ bombardment that culminated in the cratering of the Moon.

That is – gold shouldn’t really be in the earth’s crust given scientific understanding of how the elements behaved as our planet formed; so the explanation for its existence is that it was sprinkled on earth later.

Plus, the meteor storm is called “the late heavy bombardment” … that could be a great song name, band name, exhibition title … I love it!



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