Elizabeth Taylor’s gems

9 09 2011

As the young people like to say … O.M.G.

Christie’s will hold an auction later in this year of the jewellery collection of the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor (could she be any more stunning I ask you?).

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There is a tour associated with the auction – so if you happen to be in Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong and of course New York (where the auction will be held) it’d be worth checking it out.

Just to be sure you know – this is certainly not an advert for the auction! But I am stunned by the extravagance, extent and the quality of the jewels in her collection.

media; click on image for original source

I understand almost all of her jewels were given to her by her lovers … NO ONE does that any more!!! Well, at least not as publically or famously as in the height of the Hollywood era that Elizabeth reigned over.

Apparently many of the gems are historically significant … how wonderful to have $30m of such jewels! Oh I know they’re not “contemporary” by any stretch of the imagination … but we jewellers must acknowledge that our history has roots in such pieces …



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