Diamond planet

26 08 2011

No no, it’s not the name of a David Bowie album … the news today tells us that scientists have discovered a planet they suspect is “made of diamond” (which of course is just organised carbon, really).

One of the more scientific of the news stories says: “Your instruments don’t lie. You’ve just stumbled upon a 1031-carat diamond.[about 5-times the size of Earth]

While the news banners are pretty exciting, the smaller print does say:
The remnant is likely to be largely carbon and oxygen, because a star made of lighter elements like hydrogen and helium would be too big to fit the measured orbiting times,” the CSIRO’s Dr Michael Keith, a member of the research team, said.
The team said it was certain the material is crystalline and that a large part of the star is similar to a diamond.

The system it makes with the pulsar-star it orbits is named PSR J1719-1438 … just rolls off the tongue yes!

[NewScientist story; News story; TheAge story]

I like presents

25 08 2011

A lovely friend of mine recently went back to her home-country, The Netherlands. She brought me back the most delightfully gorgeous little ceramic box …

too cute

Traditional blue and white ware … and just the perfect size for some of my jewellery collection.

... and handy!

So sweet. I’m a lucky girl.

Pretty buttons

24 08 2011

Mmm … so in the over two-and-a-half years of writing, the lowest number of posts for a month was 14 (in the first month I started writing, March 2009).

This month, due to my ‘breaks in transmissions’, I am only up to ten (eleven including this one) and am in danger of creating a new record ‘low’.

I’m okay with that … sort of. No, not really. Honestly, not really. But, that’s life, yes!

I’d like to share an image with you to make up for the lack of stories … and while it’s not jewellery-related, it is aesthetically beautiful and makes me very happy.

I’ve bought a new pair of Sprinkle Magic button-up pants … I LOVE their fit (no, this is not a fashion blog!) … but just look at these buttons! They’re vintage bakalite (I think) and have been dyed black (you can’t really tell because of the flash, but the pants are black). Too gorgeous.

pants. buttons. nice.

Blog roundup

23 08 2011

I may not have been writing much lately, but have doing lots of reading. Some more recent favourites:

  • Anna Davern has moved her blog to a new address; and she’s recently had a garage sale of her studio which makes for interesting reading! [link]
  • Cat Preston has a collecting mystery (and the most gorgeous teacup) [link]
  • Caz Guiney has made work from a fabulous ticket collection [link]
  • David Neale still brings us beautiful picture essays, and I’ve fallen in love with his ‘vandalised’ bowl … I just may want it [link]
  • Inari Kiuru continues sharing gorgeous photographs with us [link]
  • Justin Siow has made some excellent Karma Sutra rings that make me smile [link]
  • Katherine Bowman continues to enrich my artistic pleasure with her images and thoughts [link]
  • Katherine Wheeler and Abby Seymour of Goldenink are making some lovely new pieces [link]
  • Katie Jayne Britchford wrote about the successful RMIT auction, which I’m very happy about considering I wasn’t able to make it [link]
  • Lucy Hearn and her partner in Peaches and Keen will be having an exhibition soon! [link]
  • Mariann Monika has a cool new setting toy [link]
  • Melissa Cameron continues to write fabulous jewellist things! [link]
  • Nina Baker made a beautiful ring through curiosity and experimentation [link]
  • Victoria Mason is collaborating with Ghost Patrol … how intriguing [link]
  • Zoe Brand is making some amazing pieces from her Grandmother’s paper collection; I love these! [link]

And in a tidy up of links, the following have been moved from Current into Hibernating:

And the following haven’t been updated for over a year, and so are being removed from Hibernating:

And I’m so happy to say I’ve re-added (is that even a word!?) Jennifer Martin to the links listing.

Happy reading!