RMIT Master of Fine Art Auction

29 08 2011

Woah – how did this escape my attention before now!

All kinds of artworks are for auction – jewellery, metal-work, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography …

auction media

Details: Silent Auction

Online Deadline: 4pm, 8th September 2011

Where: The Gossard Space, Level 3 RMIT Building 49, 67 Franklin St Melbourne (opposite Aldi supermarket)
When: 6-9pm, 8th September 2011


The website says: “If you can’t make it on the night, let us know and we’ll make arrangements for any bids you’d like to place.” So it looks like the auction action continues at the event … but the banner says the auction ends at 4pm … so could someone involved in the auction please confirm (because the answer is likely to change someone’s decision to go to the event)??

Update (29th August): I have been advised that there is definitely ‘auction action’ at the event. The highest online bid at 4pm is the starting point for more silent bidding at the event.



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