‘Downsizing’ @ Pieces of Eight

19 08 2011

I’ve been a little quiet on the exhibition front lately, but I have visited ‘Downsizing‘ at Pieces of Eight [link] … and liked it.

facade for ‘Downsizing’

Exhibition media: “Imagine shifting scales, moving from designing interiors to making small, intimate wearable objects. In Melbourne, there has been a recent movement of practicing interior designers who change careers to become gold and silversmiths. Downsizing showcases the recent work of seven diverse jewellers. Each maker has established a jewellery practice that reflects their personal interests and individual aesthetics. Many still carry with them past inspirations and influences which informed their previous work, but now expressed in new forms and different scales.

image from Pieces of Eight blog; click on image for original source

Participating artists are:

The facade work “We are Family” connects beautifully with, and is evocative of, the artist ‘previous life’.

There are some super images on Pieces of Eight blog: about the facade, the opening night and the exhibition and gallery posts.

I wasn’t sure if their backgrounds was the only connection, as there didn’t seem to be to be a strong theme (unless I’ve completely misread the exhibition media and didn’t notice something that was there – honestly, it’s possible lately!). Though their juxtaposition was interesting in itself. And naturally, the pieces are individually very good, especially those of one of my long-time favourites Suzi Zutic.

Downsizing‘ is at Pieces of Eight until 3rd September 2011.



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