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1 08 2011

As I was thinking about what kind of posts I enjoy writing, and what posts I enjoy reading, I thought: I wonder what my statistics tell me about readers of my little blog?

I have previously written of the most popular posts on: 10th Jan 2010 and 22nd Dec 2010.

So as of today, the top 10 posts are below (excepting the “pages”); many of them have featured in the previously mentioned posts (and so I haven’t repeated the post summary here!):

I’m a little disappointed that there are only two new posts in the above listing … so I thought about what else I could look for. How about ‘search engine terms’:

  • #1: ‘melbourne jeweller blog’ (that makes me happy!)
  • #2: keith richards skull ring (related to #1 story above)
  • #3: makers mark melbourne (related to #2 and #8 stories above)
  • #4: melbourne jeweller (obviously linked with #1 search term)
  • #5: nicole polentas (related to #5 story above)
  • #6: fabric jewellery (related to #4 story above)
  • #7: chinoserie (related to #6 story above)
  • #8: schmuck (related to #4 story above)
  • #9: michaela bruton
  • #10: keith richards ring (related to #2 search term)

Also, what “clicks” – the links I’ve had in stories that have taken readers to another site:

Enough statistics … happy reading!



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2 08 2011
lord coconut

Website stats always make interesting reading, especially the search terms as that tells us all what people are looking for hwen they stumble across our sites.

5 08 2011

woop woop. number #5.

5 08 2011

Yeah baby! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout …

9 08 2011

just sayin…

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