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13 07 2011

Makers marks are not compulsory in Australian jewellery (at least as far as I know – correct me if I’m wrong please!).

I’ve noticed that a portion of the visitors to my site are actually searching for jewellers makers marks (and make it to my site because of the gallery stories I did a while ago now).

But this got me thinking though – perhaps I could make a page that has an archive of Australian jewellers makers marks.

Do you think I need permission of the maker to include their mark on such a page? I wouldn’t think so, as it’s not copyright nor breaching any of the makers’ rights; and hopefully it’d be a service to collectors, jewellery wearers and other makers (so they don’t make one just like it).

What do you think??

Would you like to contribute a picture of your makers mark, and perhaps even a story about it?

I don’t yet have a makers mark of my own … perhaps this is the encouragement I need!


Update (14th July): I’ve had a great response – so have added a new page for Makers Marks and would love for you to send me your makers marks please!




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13 07 2011
Caz Guiney

Sure thing… you can have mine! I think it is a great idea however there is no interesting story other than the story of the pain in making the decision… a shared story I am certain.

14 07 2011

There is the GSGA who hold on file makers marks of its members ( but since not many contemporary jewellers are members this is a great alternative. Not that I actually have a mark…

14 07 2011
Justin Siow

The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia has a page of maker’s marks of their members.
It would be great to start archiving the marks of makers that are not guild members.

ps. you can have my mark too!

14 07 2011
catherine lees

An excellent source book for makers marks in the sphere of silversmithing is Christine Erratt’s book ‘Marks on Australian Silver 1950 – 2005’. It also gives a great insight into the makers through biographies etc too. No affiliation, just love the book. c:)

14 07 2011

This is a great idea! You can definitely have mine, although there is no exciting story to share 🙂

14 07 2011

Thank you all for replying!
I’ve added a new page and would love for you to send me your makers mark (image 250×250 pixels) to my email address.
YAY! A bit exciting …

15 07 2011

Such a great idea! I had heard murmurs of someone trying to publish a book with a listing of Australian makers and their marks a few years ago. Maybe it is that book Catherine mentioned!

22 07 2011
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