Even more on jewellery insurance

4 07 2011

Well, not specifically for jewellery you may own [previous stories], but insurance for jewellers.

The wonderful people at Craft Victoria have a new product that should be of interest to almost all makers. As part of their Accredited Membership Package, they are offering insurance …

Craft Victoria is excited to offer group liability insurance as part of our Accredited Membership package. In short, this new package is designed to cover artists/practitioners who work in a studio, exhibit in galleries and sell their goods at markets.

…Our package is designed to cover accredited ‘contemporary craft’ visual artists/practitioners. Mediums covered include ceramics, glass, jewellery, furniture, textile work including felting, metal, wood, photographs, sculptures and other materials.

There is a lot of information on their site, including details of specific coverage and the application process.

This is a great initiative for artists, as the field of insurance is often difficult to navigate (and I’m in the industry!).



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4 07 2011

Hi Karen,
Interestingly, I’ve had the “Accredited Membership Package” page open since Craft Vic advertised it to members, and the amount of the “Property in the care, custody and control of members” has changed between then and now… It was at a limit of $50,000 but now lists the limit as $100,000. I’m assuming the more up to date one is correct.

I’ve been recently weighing up the choice between the new Craft Vic insurance, and the NAVA similar offer, which they have also advertised recently, which is here: http://www.visualarts.net.au/membership/navaprofessionalmembership/insurancepackage. I’m currently an individual member of NAVA – they have different types of membership also, which are listed here: http://www.visualarts.net.au/membership/becomenavamember

9 07 2011

Thanks Karen and Melissa for these links! I have been researching jewellery insurance for some time now and it just because all so confusing! Both these options look like great options so BIG thanks for the tip!

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