Liisa Hashimoto ‘Mebea – Red Sprout’ @ e.g.etal

24 06 2011

E.g.etal is showing two exhibitions, Joungmee Do’s ‘Longevity’ and Liisa Hashimoto ‘Mebea – Red Sprout‘.

Liisa is based in Osaka and this is her first Australian exhibition.

image courtesy of, and with thanks to, the gallery

Exhibition media: “Liisa Hashimoto’s intricately crafted rings, necklaces and pins subtly augment natural forms: buds, rocks, flowers, leaves, moss, branches… The result is jewellery that is grounded in natural forms with an enchanting sense of whimsy, sprouting from the body of the wearer.

The work here is quite lyrical and almost alive, there’s so much movement. Looking at this collection and comparing it to Joungmee’s collection, there is a striking difference … vitality and peace, vigour and calm. The gallery has done well to place them apart, so there is no competition or jarring of energies. [I hope to soon have an installation image to show you.]

There are some outrageously fantastical pieces! I’d almost call them figurative…

The elements in Liisa’s work reminded me of Miro’s iconography, however in hindsight this really doesn’t make sense! The metal is mostly silver, often heat-coloured, and there are regular highlights of red enamel (not surprising, given the title). I particularly liked the fine metal ‘presentation boxes’ over the pieces, creating a little frame for some…

Liisa Hashimoto’s ‘Mebea – Red Sprout‘ is at e.g.etal until 2nd July 2011.



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