Once more, with feeling

23 06 2011

Fridays are my favourite days, especially the Fridays I don’t work – naturally!

Last Friday I joined some lovely friends for brunch, wearing four rings I made during my first year at university as simple exercises. They’re not super-fabulous, though I do like their satin finish and to wear them all at once.

four rings

One of my friends, who was also at RMIT and recognised the rings, questioned whether the knife-edge one was uncomfortable to wear. I was surprised to find myself respond that I like jewellery I can feel (though if I squish my fingers against the ring, yes it does hurt; so no, I don’t often do the squishing).

I thought more about that … I prefer rings with weight, that I can feel I’m wearing. For example, I tried on a beautiful dainty gold ring of Romy Mittelman’s (at her recent e.g.etal exhibition) and while I thought it looked so beautiful, I couldn’t feel its weight on my finger enough; that was a little unsettling – I could see it, but couldn’t feel it.

I also prefer neckpieces I can feel I’m wearing … lightweight pieces I can’t feel unless I put my hand up to my neck are not at all satisfying.

Now earrings … that’s trickier … perhaps that’s why I haven’t worn them for ages … and why I still haven’t decided whether to pierce my ears again.

If I can’t feel it a piece of jewellery, how do I know if it’s still on and I haven’t lost it!!



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