Six lists of three

9 06 2011

Three crafty things I also can do:

  • embroider
  • knit
  • crochet

Three favourite art era / movements:

  • art deco: mostly the architecture and jewellery
  • art nouvea: only the architecture
  • 16th century German portraits (like)

Three least favourite colours:

  • some kinds of brown
  • most kinds of yellow
  • most kinds of orange

Three things I want next week:

  • more energy
  • good health
  • smiles

Three books I’ve been reading:

Three words I like:

  • dork
  • pumpkin
  • sleepy

Your list(s)?

If you write a blog, maybe consider a ‘list of three’ post?
(if so, a link to this idea post would be super-especially-interwebs-etiquette-lovely!)

… last “six lists of three” …



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