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22 05 2011

Sometimes circumstances conspire and I don’t get to see everything I want to see … I’m talking exhibitions!

I had really hoped to make it to Claire McArdle’s ‘Public Displays of Attention‘ at First Site – but working full-time (and having such deadlines the last fortnight that I couldn’t make it out of the office with enough time to visit) means I only two Saturday afternoons to try to make it, and I failed.

I’m genuinely disappointed – I wanted to see her work, for the colour and scale … and I have read such good things. Melissa Cameron has written about it and has some great image; as has Katie Jayne Britchford.

image courtesy of and with permission of artist

Also, I had booked a place at the Thursday evening lecture at the NGV – but was feeling so ill, needed to leave work at lunch time that day … so, I didn’t get to see or hear that either. Again, Melissa gives a great write up.

This coming week is a busy one (see May and June calendar posts) – openings at Gallery Funaki and Pieces of Eight, and Devotion jewellery auction for Red Cross, and I only have one more week to see the beautiful work at e.g.etal, and also to pop into the new Lord Coconut store (image below) – hopefully the stars look more favourably upon me and I may see you at one of these?!

store image; with permission and courtesy of owner



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22 05 2011

Aw, that’s horrible about Thursday. I did look out for you, but thought maybe you had to run off when it finished. Hope you’re okay. Maybe see you Tuesday?

22 05 2011

I was so annoyed – I hope the NGV do something special with my donation … thank you for writing such a great review of it!

Hope to get to both openings on Tuesday…

Oh also there’s a wonderful exhibition of handwoven textiles on Thursday, 6pm at Mr Kilty (Sydney Rd): see

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