Neckpiece ‘For Caroline’

5 05 2011

Following from my previous post, a few images of ‘For Caroline‘.

I enjoyed reading about her. Caroline was William Herschel’s sister, and his trusted astronomical assistant. However her own skill and interest was formidable, and she is most known for discovering a number of comets. Significantly, she was the first woman to be awarded with a gold medal by the Royal Astronomical Society in 1828; the next time a woman was honoured was in 1996.

detail; (black and white); image not to be reproduced without permission

image not to be reproduced without permission

Again, the paper for the weaving was taken from an image in ‘Encyclopedia of Space Travel and Astronomy‘ (below). The little components were shown in a previous post, and were woven into the paper / silver weave.

detail of photograph from book



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