Neckpiece ‘For William’

4 05 2011

I’ve written quite a bit about the little collection I’ve recently made for ‘Winter Neckpieces’ exhibition at Studio 20/17: ‘The Sky is Full of Ghosts‘.

Over the next few posts I’ll publish a few photos of each piece.

This one is ‘For William‘; made for William Herschel, for whom the phrase above was made in reference to.

detail; image not to be reproduced without permission

I chose to name this one for him, as he was the more obvious public figure, when compared with his equally important though less well-known sister Caroline. It was more labour-intensive, more elaborate, and more-so than ‘For Caroline‘, it reminds me of mayoral regalia (though not sure I’m okay with that!).

The component in between the woven strips (detail here) references a beautiful photograph of a star (below) – the central bright circle surrounded by a halo pierced by four fine lines.

The source of the photograph was a book I remember I had when I was a child … I wanted to be an astronomer for years.

detail; image not to be reproduced without permission

The paper used for the weaving was taken from the full photograph below.

photograph from Encyclopedia of Space Travel and Astronomy



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