Studio goodness

27 04 2011

Wee-hee!! I am no longer benchsitting, but am now a ‘permanent’ occupant of a studio space … so excited!

I have a new bench and am slowly getting bits and pieces together … it’s still a bit messy, but soon it will all be ready for lots of new making.

still a bit unorganised ... studio goodness!

Quick calendar update

26 04 2011

A quick update to the calendar [information provided by and published with permission of artists]:

30th April (that’s why it can’t wait until the next calendar post!)

As a part of The First Show at the new architecture and design space Pin-up, Studio Hacienda is holding a General Assembly souvenir brooch making workshop. Blanche Tilden and Phoebe Porter invite you to select from prefabricated parts to create your very own souvenir brooch. This is a re-staging of our award winning project and is your only opportunity to create a General Assembly brooch in 2011. Watch a video of the project in action here.

Prices range from $60 – $350 and include all parts to assemble your brooch.

General Assembly Brooch making workshop

Saturday 30 April
2pm – 3pm
Pin-up – Architecture & Design Project Space
15-25 Keele Street Collingwood

If you would like to participate please contact Blanche at to book your place.
Hope to see you there!

Blanche and Phoebe

workshop media; used with permission

Metal prices update

25 04 2011

Those regular news-reading-or-watching-people will know that the Australian dollar, and commodity (metal) prices, have been going pretty strongly in the most recent months. So I thought it would be interesting to see how the price of gold and silver has been going (my last price update was Dec10).

As at 21st April 2011:

1. Gold price in US$ for last 12 months

21st April 2011; gold in US$; click on image for original source

2. Gold price in A$ for last 12 months

21st April 2011; gold in US$; click on image for original source

3. A$ versus $US over the last 12 months … it’s obvious from the above charts that the cost of gold in US$ has increased dramatically in the most recent months; however it is pretty flat in A$; which is all because of the relative change in the exchange rate

x-axis = time ; y-axis = how many US$ can A$1 buy; click on image for original source

For now, it’s a good thing that we can buy gold in Australian dollars!

Lastly, silver prices are still going utterly berserk (I couldn’t find any graphs in A$, so this is in US$) – compare it to the last post less than six months ago.

21st April 2011; silver price in US$; 5 year graph; click on image for original source

The RMIT collection

21 04 2011

Last year I wrote a few posts on the various public and private collections, and particularly was interested in the collection accumulated over time by RMIT from acquisitive prizes, called the W.E. McMillan Collection.

To quote the previous post:

… what would I ideally like to happen with this collection:

  • for it to be photographed and available digitally as an online resource (perhaps also published in a book)
  • for it to be physically available to students at RMIT and in fact the public (I expect all the pieces are sitting in cupboards wrapped in acid-free paper and not seen by anyone)
  • does the collection have a curator? how are the pieces cared for (are they ‘cared for’ or maintained)?

I’ve been thinking more about this lately. The first step is for the collection to be catalogued and photographed [which would necessitate the pieces to be cleaned etc.]; with the images and details to be available online. A book / catalogue may even be a possible output too.

An additional resource may be their slides / photographic collection too (I remember seeing a small group when I was studying there, and I expect there to be a resonable-sized set) – getting that entirely catalogued and online too.

This would mean that the collection, which would be the most amazing resource, would be online for RMIT students, and students and jewellery lovers worldwide (with appropriate copyright protection / practices of course!).

Naturally I plan on discussing this idea with the RMIT staff; but in the meantime, does anyone have any ideas of specific grants available for such a project?

My thoughts are that this project would be time-consuming, perhaps need specialised people or at least experienced for the cleaning, and photography would be a reasonable amount of work and cost too; and scanning of the slides / photographs if that becomes part of the project.

I’d think this is a project of national interest, given the sheer scale of the collection and the continuous timeline it would represent.

What are your thoughts?