Calendar: May 2011 sneak peek

15 04 2011

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Update for April 2011

16th April: Part B Melbourne jewellers gathering, 2pm, Pieces of Eight

19th April: Jacqui Chan ‘Material Migrations‘ [link]; “Material Migrations is an urban jewellery project that explores how objects can mediate our relationship with the urban milieu .  The project focuses on the site of Chinatown, approaching it as an ongoing coalescence of materials and bodies over time… Participants are invited to wear a brooch in daily life and to notice which aspects of urban environment the work draws attention to.  They are asked to take a series of photos of themselves wearing the work in such situations. The photos will be added to a growing video work that documents the dispersal of these works into the city and the emerging relations between wearers, jewellery and the urban milieu.“; until 23rd May

exhibition invitiation; with artist permission

now for May 2011

all month

  • Top Arts: VCE 2010‘, National Gallery [link]; until 19th June
  • ‘Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs‘, Melbourne Museum [link]; I don’t have much hope for this proving interesting for those of us with an intellectual level beyond primary school; more so, I needed to go through a number of different websites to find the exhibition dates as it wasn’t on any of the ‘official’ sites (sigh, honestly); my post here; until 6th November (as far as I can tell)

6th May: last day for applications to Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables [link]

7th May: last day for Pieces of Eight, ‘Rock Solid’ group exhibition curated by Meredith Turnbull [link]

7th May: Geelong Gallery, Robert Baines ‘Metal‘ [link]; until 3rd July

exhibition media; click on image for original source

11th May: NMIT Jewellery Auction, Royal Melbourne Hotel

auction invitation; used with permission

15th May: Craft Victoria ‘Craft Hatch’ market [link]

24th May: Gallery Funaki, exhibition of contemporary jewellers curated by Kirsten Haydon [link]; until 18th June

28th May: last day for Adelaide Central Gallery “SA Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition” [link]

plan ahead for these:

15th – 19th June: Buda Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Exhibition 2011 [link]

July / August 2011: Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), International Lace Award [link]

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15 04 2011

Thank you! Fascinated by Material Migrations, and how can I resist the NMIT auction?

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