RMIT Year 1 exhibition

8 04 2011

Before I move on to Year 2, I thought it worth mentioning to exhibition that was part of the end-of-year of Year 1. At RMIT, second and first year students are required to take part in a year-end exhibition.

Most times, the second year students take on organising duties, as most first-year students are a little uncertain about how it all works! Also, the second-year therefore has naming rights.

Our exhibition was called ‘Selected Works: Gold and Silver‘ and was at the RMIT Faculty of Arts Gallery. There was no book or catalogue made for the show, but below is the invitation.

exhibition invitation; my doodle is the third from the left on the bottom row

As I had won the first-year Koodak Award, I also had a piece in the graduate exhibition ‘Look‘ that year too. The piece in that exhibition was the neckpiece in this post.

exhibition invitation for graduation show, Look

However I cannot quite recall which pieces were in the first/second year exhibition though…perhaps the tea strainer, though I really cannot remember what else!



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