And still more making…

3 04 2011

After a second and third attempt at the little component in the last post, I took the best one (on the right below) to the casting place.

making; still step 3; one in the middle went wonky (zipped over to the side when I decided to just nudge it a little this way ...)

Sadly, the casting man told me that parts of it were too fine (in the way it all connected and the wax/metal would need to be poured etc) to guarantee a good cast. I appreciated the honesty and advice of the casting man, but was miffed it meant I needed to hand-make six more.

As the first three took over two hours to make each, I resigned myself to a full day in the studio to make the full suite. But when you’re making a handful of the same thing, it’s amazing how fast it can all go – the six additional ones only took me about four hours all together. So pleased!

making, still step 3

And putting the pieces together, now ready for the tumbler to harden.

making, step 4

Can’t wait for it all to come together.

last post on this project



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