Calendar: April 2011 sneak peek

15 03 2011

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update for March 2011

15th – 19th March: Penthouse Mouse, part of LMFF [link]; especially the accessory people, including Katherine Wheeler’s collaboration with Abby Seymoure (GoldenInk)

21st March: e.g.etal, ‘Quetzal‘ by Giovanni Estaban del Monserrat [link]; “This new collection is inspired directly by my experience of living in Mexico–a magical place full of beauty, nature, treasures and antiquity. Using gold and silver in its purest form, I believe the intention of the artisan is held in the molecules of the metal; each mark is a thought, each detail an incarcerated memory.” until 2nd April

exhibition media

22nd March: Pieces of Eight, ‘Rock Solid’ group exhibition curated by Meredith Turnbull [link]; until 7th May

exhibition media

31st March: deadline for applications for 2012 (first half of year) exhibitions at Craft Victoria [link]

now for April 2011

1st April: last day for Mailbox 141, Part B ‘Lend me Your Ears‘ [link]; part of the L’Oreal Fashion Festival; remember changeover on Thursday 17th March

9th April: Craft Victoria Craft Hatch market [link]

11th April: e.g.etal, Romy Mittelman [link]; until 30th April

29th April: Adelaide Central Gallery “SA Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition” [link]; until 28th May

If you know of any exhibitions or competitions/awards etc. during April, please do let me know (either by comment or email).

plan ahead for these:

7th May – 3rd July: Geelong Gallery, Robert Baines ‘Metal‘ [link]

15th – 19th June: Buda Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Exhibition 2011 [link]

July / August 2011: Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), International Lace Award [link]

… last calendar post: March 2011



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