Brooch for my aunt

9 03 2011

My mum asked me to make a brooch for her sister, as a thank you gift.

I decided to use the carved perspex I created in second-year for my gold brooches, as this work was originally inspired by my grandfather (my mum’s dad). The metal I chose to use was a little rolled-out thin piece of fine and sterling silver – I thought I had only melted down all my left-over fine silver, but this piece ended up with a smattering of sterling, and I liked the pattern it made.

In second-year I had the advantage of access to a large swing-press, but in the little studio I only needed to anneal it and push the metal into the mold using some dapping punches. The ‘stitches’ are from the tip of a burnisher. It’s then rivets to a backing piece with a pin. Simple.

brooch for Gail; image not to be reproduced without permission

I hope she likes it.



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