‘Earring for Giovanna’ in situ

27 02 2011

Today I popped into Mailbox 141 to install my beautiful lady and the earring I have made for her.

The space had low lighting, which my camera doesn’t respond to well … but that’s okay, for it still allows a little mystery as to the detail of the work … which I will reveal in a post on Tuesday (the opening day of the ‘Lend Me Your Ears‘ exhibition).

Mailbox 141 - exhibition space

Mailbox 141 - exhibition space

Earring for Giovanna; in situ (and deliberately mysteriously out of focus!); photograph not to be reproduced without permission

I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely she looked in the honey-coloured light. I’m so excited to see all the other pieces in the boxes and how they all may relate to each other …



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