Beauty in the suburbs

17 01 2011

The hall ceiling in my beautiful new home …


Calendar: February 2011 sneak peek

15 01 2011

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Recycling jewellery event in Melbourne

15 01 2011

Suse Scholem, who I saw speak at the RMIT seminar last year, recently wrote a long detailed comment on my last January calendar post .. however I thought the information so interesting that I have published it here as its own post… over to Suse:

AN EVENT for ethically minded makers:

This is a call out for people to both DONATE their unloved (or loved), old, broken or unwanted bits of jewellery and/or COME CREATE with us on the project days.

When: 29th and 30th Jan, 12-6pm.
Where: Loophole Community Centre, 670 High St, Thornbury.

I am organising a local version of the jewellery makeover project, an amazing initiative begun by the Ethical Metalsmiths, where old and unwanted jewellery is donated by members of the public, reworked and turned into new creative pieces of jewellery.

The project began as a way to inform people (jeweller’s, artists and the general public) about the social and environmental issues surrounding jewellery production and consumption, whilst simultaneously skill-sharing ethical creativity using recycled materials. The Ethical Metalsmiths ran their 5th ‘RJM’ project in Brisbane Australia , 2010. Now comes the time for some local action in Melbourne .

Finally… a place to send all those orphaned earrings, broken necklaces, sentimental bits and unwearable gifts. Basically we take all the donations, sort them by type and material, then re-work the elements to create new life for undervalued or land-fill destined goods.

ALL DONATIONS will be greatly appreciated and receive a discount voucher redeemable up to the value of $50 depending on the type of jewellery donated (precious, plated, plastic or costume). Discount vouchers can be used to purchase works created during the project, which will then be exhibited for sale at Loophole Community Centre and at an online gallery.

Donations can be made either by mail or dropoff to 24 Henry St, Northcote or PO BOX 6/330 Smith St, Collingwood… or give it to us in person on the 29th of Jan at Loophole Community Centre, Thornbury.

Those wishing to donate please email me (Suse Scholem –, and I’ll send you a simple donation form to send back with your donation.

If you wish to donate some of your goodies but don’t have the resources or ability to get your jewellery to us, contact us… (if you are local to Melbourne’s inner north or east, we may be able to help with collection.)

recycling and recyclable jewellery: Using more ethical and sustainable methods and second-hand materials to open an avenue for constructive creativity and ethical consumption.

below are some interesting and relevant LINKS:
– whats it all about. The beginnings of the project and the future for sustainable making
– homepage of the Ethical Metalsmiths who began the RJM project
– RJM comes to Australia
– website on the effects of global mining
– info on mining in Congo and its effects
– website which records and uses remote satellite sensing and digital mapping to educate the public and policymakers about the environmental consequences of human activities and to hold corporations and governments to higher standards of accountability around the globe.
– ‘Blood on the Stone’ on youtube details issues behind diamond and gem mining
– The Congo : Mining for Bling
– all you need to know about the worlds metal mining industry. The extent of the damage in terms of health and safety to political and labour oppression, and its manifestations in everything from jewellery to cellphones.

There’s also a facebook page for the event:!/event.php?eid=174709055899878

‘Places and Pieces’ @ Craft Victoria – part 2

14 01 2011

Okay – so after forgetting a few weeks ago, I finally got back to Craft Victoria to take some photographs of this exhibition from the window.

Sadly I’ve misplaced the piece of paper upon which I noted the artists whose work I particularly liked … never mind, it was the holidays!
If you happen to know the artists of these pieces, please do leave a comment and let me know.


I particularly liked the red piece at the top right.


The piece above, which seemed to be made of a paper background with red beaded detail, reminded me of Bettina Speckner‘s work.


Places and Pieces’ was at Craft Victoria until 6th January 2011, and is finished now.

Update (17th January): the lovely Kim from Craft Victoria has sent me the link for the exhibition:; which has thumbnail photographs of each piece with the artist name; from which I see the artists of the above images are (top to bottom):