More beauty in the suburbs

27 01 2011

Some more beautiful Art Deco … the doors in my new home …


More press…

26 01 2011

Following my last post, I found another jeweller featured in one of my recent Home / Style magazines…

3. Victoria Mason featured in the February 2011 edition of Home Beautiful magazine

detail from scan of page 42, Home Beautiful magazine, Feb 2011 edition


In the press

24 01 2011

I’ve recently moved into a beautiful Art Deco home (hence the little spell of no posts this last week) and have been doing some reading in home design-type magazines for inspiration and ideas etc…

Funny thing is that in two of these magazines, jewellers have been featured!

1. Robert Baines featured in the January/February 2011 edition of Vogue Living; the article advertises his travelling exhibition “Robert Baines: Metal” … not too sure about the title of the piece though…

detail from scan of page 96, Vogue Living magazine, Jan/Feb 2011 edition

2. Lucy Folk had a full page in the February/March 2011 edition of Belle; the piece gives a bit of Lucy’s background and describes her new range ‘Taqueria’

scan of page 57, Belle magazine, Feb/Mar2011 edition

Perhaps I’m not well read, perhaps not imaginative enough, but I actually didn’t expect jewellery to be featured in home / styling magazines … but I think it’s great … perhaps the readership of such tomes are more likely to have surplus income to spend on such beautiful objects…

New Year blog roundup

19 01 2011

A quick whip-around the blogosphere to see who’s already written something in the new year… those who have (in alphabetical order) … some have written more than one post, excellent reading ahead:

Very exciting to see so many writers/makers already getting back into writing … a healthy online community indeed.